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Fire service to New Square won’t be interrupted


Ramapo officials today said the town supervisor met with commissioners from the Moleston Fire District and chiefs from the Hillcrest Fire Department last week (March 29, to be exact). Everyone assured everyone that fire service to New Square would continue, uninterrupted.

Everything came to a head after a fire Feb. 7, in which two residential buildings were destroyed. In March, the Moleston district asked the town to schedule a public hearing on removing the village from its jurisdiction, citing fire and safety code violations persisting for years.

According to a release issued today by Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, the town is researching whether they could start a “public safety loan program” to help building owners install sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and other such “safety devices.”

Hillcrest Fire Chief Tim Wren said, in the release, that the town and department had “started to formulate a plan to correct some long standing issues and improve fire safety for residents and firefighters.”

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3 Responses to “Fire service to New Square won’t be interrupted”

  1. tmele

    How is it possible to obtain a permission from the Town Clerk,Board, and Supervisor to build or operate a school or building of this size and usage without the sprinkler system required by law?

    How does a school operation and building like this acquire fire insurance without the required safety systems?

    Why is it there are “long standing issues” that the Supervisor and Fire professional have been aware of and nothing has been done prior to the fire to suggest correcting it? : “Hillcrest Fire Chief Tim Wren said, in the release, that the town and department had “started to formulate a plan to correct some long standing issues and improve fire safety for residents and firefighters.â€?

    Why did the Town Supervisor, Town Clerk, Town and Village inspectors, all know of this violation and nothing was done?

    Why did the entire RAMAPO TOWN SUPERVISOR AND HIS STAFF… all turn a blind eye to what has been their common knowledge and a clear violation of the law?


    Laws were broken, lives were put in extreme jeopardy; but winks, nods, and blind eyes were rendered in response. Now in the wake of fire, our Town Supervisor says in effect; “no problem, in return for your vote, I will have the town buy it for you.”

    The Rockland Journal news with all the journalist they have on payroll, has yet to make a journalistic inquiry? The editorial board printed: Chris St. Lawrence is the “only viable choice” and here, do you choose not to question the lunacy of this entire charade?

    If there had been loss of life, in addition to the property loss; who would be responsible and accountable?

    Shame on Chris St. Lawrence and all they who turned a blind eye, continue to turn a blind eye, and are so distainfully callous, when it comes to the value of votes over the lives of our neighbors and firefighters.

    None of you Town Officials can look me or anyone in this town in the eye, because you have again traded honor and decency for political expediency. Rockland Journal News, you annointed Chris St. Lawrence as the “ONLY viable choice.” I stand by my words I openly told your editorial board in the presence of Nancy Cutler, Bob Baird, Jim Walsh, and Christ St. Lawrence; that nothing of what he says is to be believed.

    I dare you to stand by your words when one of our neighbors perish in a fire, he turned a blind eye to in trade for votes. Shame on you too, Nancy Cutler and Bob Baird and Jim Walsh.

    10,985 Ramapo voters knew precisely how to protect our fire-fighters and neighbors from this virulent corruption. Apparently, corruption is a virus that has infected our so called journalist, as well as our Ramapo Town Hall. Honor is an effective antidote for inoculating that virus. Try a shot.

    Take solace in the fact my words of admonition have less sting than those words that supported taking part in putting innocent lives at risk, that result in having to identify someone’s charred remains; simply because you also chose to turn a blind eye to this callous Ramapo Town Government.

    I present this challenge: Ask the questions, get to the bottom of it, uncover the truth, demand that those who were criminally negligent be brought to justice, and hold those politically responsible accountable. A vigilent citizenry should be better served by its’ local town newspaper.

    Anthony Mele

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