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Fire service to New Square won’t be interrupted


<a href=”http://www.ramapo.org/” target=”_blank”>Ramapo</a> officials today said the town supervisor met with commissioners from the Moleston Fire District and chiefs from the <a href=”http://www.hillcrestfd.org/home.htm” target=”_blank”>Hillcrest Fire Department</a> last week (March 29, to be exact). Everyone assured everyone that fire service to <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Square,_New_York” target=”_blank”>New Square</a> would continue, uninterrupted.

Everything came to a head after a fire Feb. 7, in which two residential buildings were destroyed. In March, the Moleston district asked the town to schedule a public hearing on removing the village from its jurisdiction, citing fire and safety code violations persisting for years.

According to a release issued today by Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, the town is researching whether they could start a “public safety loan program” to help building owners install sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and other such “safety devices.”

Hillcrest Fire Chief Tim Wren said, in the release, that the town and department had “started to formulate a plan to correct some long standing issues and improve fire safety for residents and firefighters.”

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