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West Nyack homeowner takes a moment to chuckle after major flooding …


Upon returning to her Klein Avenue home after the nor’easter two weeks ago, a frustrated Jane Stormes discovers two new roomates. She e-mailed The Journal news with the tale. Her story after the break …

<blockquote><div> … The entire Hackensack river ended up in my house. I could rant and go on, but I wanted to share a lighthearted story instead. We returned to our homes on Tuesday the 17th to start cleaning up and cleaning out and in the process I came across 2 very interesting living creatures that somehow also became displaced during this event. The first was a small carp( more like a gold fish).

I found this guy in a puddle about 12 inches in diameter and 3 feet from the sewer drain between mine and my neighbors home. AT first I thought it was dead but it wasn’t so I put it in a sand bucket and brought it across the street to swim away in the pond on Sayre Ct. The second thing I found was rather bizarre (and I am so angry I didn’t grab the camera earlier…but) I was walking down the property line between houses gathering toys and garbage that had floated in that direction when I noticed the back 2/3rd of a rather large fish. It was head down in the yard looking almost like a plant growing. I called over my husband and sister who were as perplexed as I and my husband decided to pull the fish up out of the ground. The fish came out with a big ‘ splurch’ and guess what…? IT gasped for air and then wiggled….IT WAS ALIVE! SO then I took a picture and we set it off in the pond across the street…and it swam away.

I guess you can never underestimate the will of living things. Maybe it was a metaphor for all of us affected by flooding…you can’t keep your head in the mud…look for someone to help you out and then swim away??? Just thought this was a unique tale and some cool pictures despite a tough situation.

Jane Stormes West Nyack, NY


err … so who knows what kinda fish the resurrected one is (second picture)? I’m no good at identifying living things besides cat, dog, human…

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