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Karben not denying this rumor

It’s not unusual for rumors to start swirling about Ryan Karben’s candidacy any time a political seat is up for election in the district he lives in.

Such was the case with the vacancy on the Ramapo Town Board, created by Saturday’s death of Board Member Harry Reiss.

But while the former assemblyman fully denied any interest in challenging Legislator Phil Soskin for his seat (another rumor), he’s not taking the same stance with the Ramapo opening.

“The answer isn’t yes and it isn’t no,” he said today.

“It was not something I had planned for at all,” he said. “I think we all hoped Harry would make a recovery.”

Reiss suffered a stroke in March 2006 and hadn’t attended a Ramapo Town Board meeting since.

I figure Ryan’s got another month or so to be coy (never his strong suit, by the way.) He’s having a barbecue in August—seems likely he could be doing more there than tending to the grill.


Looks like the Free Political Forum found this blog and added its own information.

Click here to read their take and some info on Karben’s fundraising.

The Daily News also reported Ryan’s considerations in this blog.

Oh yeah—and the invitation to his barbecue came in the mail today. They better be serving up cheeseburgers!


Looks like I’ll have to grill my own cheeseburgers at home. Ryan just e-mailed to let me know they aren’t kosher. Bummer.

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11 Responses to “Karben not denying this rumor”

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  2. Molly

    You know, you would think that someone like Ryan Karben would rethink having his name mentioned in connection with another political role.

    I mean, COME ON. Here is a man who RESIGNED as a NYS Assemblyman under question of sexual harassment of an intern.

    Why should we want a man like this in office again? I know I don’t. If he were SO INNOCENT, he wouldn’t have stepped down. I’m sure if he wasn’t guilty of harassment, he was guilty of something and he took the easy way out.

    I hope there is someone else who wants that Town council seat. May Mr. Reiss rest in peace and not have to be replaced by someone undeserving to be an elected official.

  3. JoAnne

    You hit the nail on the head. But I also wonder why this blog was created in the first place. I’m sure he wanted people to wonder if he was, or wasn’t running.

    But, I somehow wonder if he has other motives with all the development going on in Spring Valley that was published in the Journal News. I just think the Town of Ramapo would be better off with someone else.

  4. Andrew P.

    I hope that those in the democratic party in Ramapo are smarter than blogs make them seem.

    I live in the Orangetown area, and if I were a Ramapo resident, he’d be the last person I’d vote for. Who would elected a deviant? Not anyone with common sense.

    If Ramapo supports his come back, then we might as well all start voting Republican and I don’t want to be forced to do that.

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  6. chris mcmurtry

    Karben would be wiasting his time and money trying to get the Twon board seat, and so will the Democratic party be hurt by adding his name to their row.
    Ramapo has a long history of a block vote by New Square and Monsey Orthodox communities, the sin commited by Karben while in the NY Assembly is a sin that he should be expeled from the jewish community for ever…..

  7. Andrew P.


    I agree with you. Now, I’m sure that Karben could say that he was never officially charged with the crime of harassment. If this intern was underage, etc really isn’t relevant. Karben left for some real issue that probably has little to do with that intern. That could be the cherry on top of the sundae.

    What his Rabbi and family would think is up to them. I doubt they’d excommunicate him, the way they say we Catholics can be. But, who knows? Just that politically, he’s not the best choice for any elected office now, and Ramapo definitely would make a big mistake letting him run again, or even be a part of their political activities.

    If I were to see him campaigning on someone else’s behalf, that candidate would lose my potential vote. I’m sure I”m not the only one who’d feel that way.

  8. Good Grief!

    Sarah, try asking Ryan about the little sit-down conversation he, his wife and Sheldon Silver had. If he “recalls� the conversation – and he DOES recall it – he may elaborate on the topics discussed, such as the gay porn he forced his UNDERAGED male interns to watch with him, among various other perverse and innapropriate activities. The conversation took place just prior to new ethics statutes being put in to place and was a directive for him to leave Albany to save the Dems some degree of embarassment. I guess he feels they owe him. Perhaps they promised him support down the road. After all, the man is “worth� almost 500K in “shakedown� money – and how can the powers that be walk away from that? The old school Rockland politicians love unscrupulous whores amongst their ranks. Mark my words, Ryan will do fine. And THAT is a sin.

  9. Andrew P.

    Maybe he will do fine, but he won’t be an elected official in Rockland again.

    He might as well move.

  10. Karben Plotting A Comeback? · Articles

    [...] who directed my attention to this item in a Journal News blog, sent me the following statement in an e-mail. “I’m thankful [...]

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