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Karben not denying this rumor


It’s not unusual for rumors to start swirling about Ryan Karben’s candidacy any time a political seat is up for election in the district he lives in.

Such was the case with the vacancy on the Ramapo Town Board, created by Saturday’s death of Board Member Harry Reiss.

But while the former assemblyman fully denied any interest in challenging Legislator Phil Soskin for his seat (another rumor), he’s not taking the same stance with the Ramapo opening.

“The answer isn’t yes and it isn’t no,” he said today.

“It was not something I had planned for at all,” he said. “I think we all hoped Harry would make a recovery.”

Reiss suffered a stroke in March 2006 and hadn’t attended a Ramapo Town Board meeting since.

I figure Ryan’s got another month or so to be coy (never his strong suit, by the way.) He’s having a barbecue in August– seems likely he could be doing more there than tending to the grill.


Looks like the Free Political Forum found this blog and added its own information.

<a href=”http://www.nhanlife.com/politics/karben-plotting-a-comeback/1427″ target=”_blank”> Click here </a> to read their take and some info on Karben’s fundraising.

The Daily News also reported Ryan’s considerations in <a href=”http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2007/07/karben_plotting_a_comeback.html” target=”_blank”> this blog. </a>

Oh yeah– and the invitation to his barbecue came in the mail today. They better be serving up cheeseburgers!


Looks like I’ll have to grill my own cheeseburgers at home. Ryan just e-mailed to let me know they aren’t kosher. Bummer.

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