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Kitchen Nightmares visits West Nyack


Some of you may have noticed camera crews and trailers on Route 303 in West Nyack about a week or so ago. It turns out Fiesta Sunrise, a Mexican restaurant, is going to be featured on Kitchen Nightmares, a reality television show on FOX, where a chef and his team help failing restaurants get back on their feet. It’s not just any chef though — it’s Gordon Ramsay, the guy who gained notoriety on Hell’s Kitchen (another reality television show) for making people cry.

The crew was at Fiesta Sunrise for six days and helped restaurant owner Patricia Zaldivar redo the decor, the menu and the way food was prepared. Zaldivar said she put her life’s savings “and more” into the restaurant and that she was elated when she was chosen to be on the show, even if it meant displaying her life’s problems for all to see. “I just felt like that was my last resort,” she said. “I think it needed a big change.”

A spokeswoman at FOX said she doesn’t know yet when the show will air but we will definitely do a story on it beforehand to let you know.

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