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Yesterday and today, The Journal News and LoHud.com has published a series of articles written by staffer Laura Incalcaterra regarding property tax exemptions in Rockland.

Who has them, why they exist and possible solutions to the property tax problem in New York have all been addressed in several articles, all of which are available through the Rockland page on LoHud.com.

One thing Laura did that we were unable to fit in among everything else was to create a list for each town that shows how much of each class (i.e., type) of property in each town is fully tax-exempt, by assessed value.

Each of these files is available by clicking on the links below, starting with perhaps the most important, the key to identifying each class.

Key to class numbers and names — Use this file to figure out what each class number on each file corresponds to which type of property.





Stony Point

We welcome any comments or questions about this series. Feel free to e-mail Laura or myself directly or drop us a line below.

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