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Carlucci proposes bill to enhance Internet privacy


A Rockland woman who found an Internet photo of herself having sex with a former boyfriend has spurred a proposed law banning such postings without the consent of the adults involved.

State Sen. David Carlucci, D-Rockland, says he will be joined by Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe, local law enforcement officials and advocacy organization representatives at 11 a.m today in Clarkstown police headquarters  to announce legislation that will close a loophole in New York State law and further protect people’s privacy.

In a news release, Carlucci said the bill stems from an incident that occurred involving a woman who approached the Clarkstown police after discovering a picture of her engaged in a sexual act on the Internet — without her consent. The image posted online showed her and the sexual parts of the other individual, but since the victim’s own sexual parts were not exposed, police lacked the legal authority to pursue the suspect.

With the rapid advancement of new technology and mobile devices, Carlucci said the bill will update New York’s surveillance laws to protect future victims from having themselves viewed, broadcast, or recorded in an inappropriate manner.

Scheduled to attend the news conference with Carlucci and Zugibe are Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan, Phyllis B. Frank, assistant executive director of Volunteer Counseling Services, and Carolyn Fish, executive director of the Rockland Family Shelter.

At upper right, Sen. David Carlucci

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